Taxation Advice

Taxation Advice

Tax can be complicated, we’re here to help you and assist you with your tax obligations.

As Chartered Accountants, we have the mandatory requirement to maintain professional development, which keeps us up with current legislation. 

All tax return requirements

Fringe Benefit Tax returns (FBT)
GST returns
Income tax returns
All PAYE requirements
RWT returns

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Tax issues requiring special attention

Brightline Treatment for Residential Property Sales
Residential Rental -ringfenced losses
FIF (on your investment portfolio)
Overseas Superannuation
Approved Issuer Levy - Overseas mortgages
Private use of farm and business assets
Body Corporates

Hamilton Nicholson Chartered Accountants can help you navigate your obligations.

Assisting with queries from Inland Revenue

Hamilton Nicholson Chartered Accountants can assist and guide you through any queries you receive from Inland Revenue, whether general enquiry, review, full audit, tax debt management or just where your tax payment has gone. We also offer annual Audit Shield Insurance.

Selling a business

Other than choosing your favourite drink to celebrate, selling your business can be stressful. Unlike preparing your house for sale, which could be done relatively quickly, preparing a business for sale can take a lot of time in order to achieve the best result. Hamilton Nicholson will assist you with your planning and guide you through the process. Book a free appointment with us today.